Hydrogen rich water bubbler



A booster for the development of the hydrogen-rich water industry



HENGKO diffusion stone for H2

Production of hydrogen-rich water by physical method

Making the hydrongen absorption machine becomes a multi-function machine.

Improve your competitiveness to win the trust of clients .

After the HENGKO diffusion stone for H2 is added to the hydrogen generator,the nano-sized hydrogen gas bubbles can be generated.

So that the hydrogen molecules are more easier combine to water molecules. Solving the  low hydrogen efficiency of  hydrogen-rich water equipment.


water hydrogen generator
Hydrogen water dissolving rod

Material Stainless steel
Pore size 0.5~70um
Temperature range below 600°c
Specifications In addition to a variety of existing specifications, also can be customized

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hydrogen water machines
with/ without Diffusion stone for H2

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