Hydrogen rich water bubbler



HENGKO diffusion stone for H2

Production of hydrogen-rich water by physical method

Making the hydrongen absorption machine becomes a multi-function machine.

Improve your competitiveness to win the trust of clients .

After the HENGKO diffusion stone for H2 is added to the hydrogen generator,the nano-sized hydrogen gas bubbles can be generated.

So that the hydrogen molecules are more easier combine to water molecules. Solving the  low hydrogen efficiency of  hydrogen-rich water equipment.

Hydrogen rich water bubbler
Material Stainless steel
Pore size 0.5~70um
Temperature range below 600°c
In addition to a variety of existing specifications, also can be customized

hydrogen water machines
with/ without Diffusion stone for H2

hydrogen water bubbler generator stone

Bubble contrast

Experiments have proved that the hydrogen content of the hydrogen-rich machine after adding the hydrogen bar can reach up to 1500ppb, 
which is more conducive to human health!

Contrast (Hydrogen concentration)

Test comparison: Under the same conditions, there is a great 
difference in hydrogen concentration in 1000m drinking water 
within 10 minutes.

Detection of hydrogen-rich water
Hydrogen water dissolving rod_03
Water Ionizer Healthy Alkaline Hydrogen Water Generator_03



Improve the efficiency of dissolving hydrogen.

Decompose the generated hydrogen gas

bubbles into nano-sized hydrogen gas bubbles

Maintain the stability of hydrogen ions for a long time

Non-volatile(up to 24 hours)

316L food grade stainless steel material


Healthy and durable

Exquisite and unique appearance

No metal ion precipitation

No slag, no swarft

Hydrogen Water Generator_06
hydrogen water maker_07



Shorten the time of preparing hydrogen water

Create high concentration rich hydrogen

water in a very short period  of time (100s)


Easy to install


Seamless integration

Excellent sealing

hydrogen water maker

Product recommendations

316L medical grade stainless steel, no change in water quality, no heavy metal impurities, high concentration of dissolved hydrogen