HT-608 Compact Dew Point Sensor for Drying Processes, Dew Point Sensor down to -60 °C Td (-76 °F Td) Safeguard your system

Guard your equipment and production process

Maintaining the dew point of your air or gas system will prolong the lifetime of your equipment and reduce maintenance costs. For dew points related to production processes, guarding the dew point is critical for the end product and key in preventing costly production losses. Permanent monitoring enables you to detect and prevent problems quickly, and may provide visibility that a change in dew point is capacity or maintenance related.


HENGKO’ dew point sensors are designed for ease of use, incorporating all the features needed to make installation and operation as simple as possible. Our solutions cover all dew  point monitoring applications for industrial gases and compressed air dryers (refrigerant and desiccant).


Application examples:

> Monitoring compressed air quality of refrigerant and desiccant type air dryers

> Point-of-use dew point measurement

> Permanent measurement

> Guard critical processes e.g. in the semi-conductor, paint, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and automotive industries

> Monitor demand air at machine/process level

Specifications: HENGKO HT-608 Dew Point Sensor


Technical Specifications


DC 4.5V~12V



Measurement range







Long-term stability

humidity:<1% RH/Y temperature:<0.1℃/Y

Dew point range:

-60℃~60℃(-76 ~ 140°F)

Response time

10S(wind speed 1m/s)

Communication interface


Records and Software

65,000 records, with Smart Logger professional data management and analysis software

Communication band rate

1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 115200(can be set), 9600pbs default

Byte format

8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no calibration

* Note: The parameters in this table are set when the chip is RHT-35

Order HT-608 Dew Point Sensor

* HT-608-a Dew Point Sensor

* HT-608-b Dew Point Sensor

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