Waterproof humidity temperature sensor housing

Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors Housing

HENGKO HK Series sensor filter waterproof sintered stainless steel


HENGKO Temperature Humidity Sensor Enclosure

Constant HENGKO sensor shell list. For you to choose the best specification that matches your humidity probe.

Humidity sensors are unique electronic components because their sensing elements must be exposed to the environment in order to sense the environment’s humidity level. Whether their sensing elements are based on resistive or capacitive technology, the humidity sensors’ accuracy could potentially degrade or damage could occur to the humidity sensor itself if they are not properly protected. For this reason, we recommend that you choose HENGKO's sintered porous metal stainless steel housing to protect your temperature and humidity sensors.

The humidity sensor housing is made of micron porous metal filter to protect against water and dust according to IP67 specification, and is designed to be replaceable to maintain high sensitivity during the service life of factory products. This protective cover has a filtration can be up to 99.99% efficiency filtering particle sizes down to 0.1um. In addition to being water and dust proof per IP67, this porous metal material has extremely high-durability and to weatherproof, and high strength, while maintaining sensor response time, making it most suitable for outdoor use and rugged environment applications.

HENGKO Porous SS Housing for Protect Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Model No. Connector/Thread Type Specification(mm) Image
Flat Head with Female Thread (Made of Stainless steel)
HK64MCN  M6*1.0 female thread  OD10*ID6*H22.7 humidity sensor housing DSC_3405
HK64MBNL  M8*0.75 female thread  OD10*ID7*H25
HK64MDNL  M8*1.25 female thread  OD10*ID7*H25
HK85U5/16N  5/16-32 UNEF female thread  OD9.5*ID7*H25.5
HK86MAN  M10*0.5 female thread  OD11.9*ID8.2*H21.0
HK96MBN  M10*0.75 female thread  OD12*ID9*H30 sensor filter - DSC_1737
HK96MCN  M10*1.0 female thread  OD12*ID9*H30
HK96MCNL M10*1.0 female thread  OD12*ID9*H35
HK59MBN  M12*0.75 female thread  OD13.8*ID11*H30 sintered cover DSC_1700
HK59MCN  M12*1.0 female thread  OD13.8*ID11*H30
HK66MBN M12*0.75 female thread  OD13.8*ID11*H40
HK66MCN  M12*1.0 female thread  OD13.8*ID11*H40
HK66MEN  M12*1.5 female thread  OD13.8*ID11*H38.5
HK97MCN  M14*1.0 female thread  OD17.3*ID12.4*H32 Temperature and humidity sensor housing - DSC_1652
HK82MDN  M14*1.25 female thread  OD17.5*ID13.6*H42
 HK83MCN  M16*1.0 female thread  OD18*ID14.2*H45
 HK83MEN  M16*1.5 female thread  OD18*ID14.2*H45
HK78MCN  M19*1.0 female thread  OD20*ID16*H50
HK78MEN  M18*1.5 female thread  OD20*ID16*H50  Temperature and humidity sensor casing - DSC_2224
HK35G3/4N  G 3/4" female thread  OD28.6*ID23.6*H50
 HK36MCN  M27*1.0 female thread  OD30*ID26*H50
 HK37MCN  M30*1.0 female thread  OD33.5*ID28.5*H50  Temperature Humidity Sensor Housing - DSC_1643
 HK38G1/1N  G 1" female thread  OD36.7*ID30*H55
HK99MCN  M30*1.0 female thread  OD35.5*ID30.5*H40
Model No. Connector/Thread Type Specification(mm) Image
Flat Head with Female Thread (Made of Alloy)
HSY4MCN M10.5*1.0 female thread OD14*ID10.5*H40 humidity sensor case - DSC_1779
HSY3MCN  M10*1.0 female thread OD12*ID10*H36
HSY2MBN M12*0.75 female thread  OD14*ID11*H40
HSY1MBN  M12*1.25 female thread OD15*ID11*H40
 Cone Head with Female Thread(Made of Stainless steel)
HK20MCN  M10*1.0 female thread OD12*ID8.4*H37 Humdity sensor housings DSC_1840
 HK20MCNL  M10*1.0 female thread OD12*ID8.4*H42
 HK94MBN M10*1.0 female thread  OD14.6*ID11*H41
HK94MBNL M12*0.75 female thread  OD14.6*ID11*H47.5
HK94MCN  M12*1.0 female thread OD14.6*ID11*H41
Cone Head with Male Thread (Made of Stainless steel)
HK94MCU  M12*1.0 male thread  OD14.6*ID10*H40 Stainless steel housing - DSC_7266
HK20MCU  M10.5*1.0 male thread  OD12*ID8.4*H34.3
HK20G1/8U  G 1/8" male thread  OD12*ID7.4*H37
HK103MBU  M6*0.75 male thread  OD12*ID4*H21
HK103MCU  M6*1.0 male thread  OD12*ID4*H21
Flat Head with Male Thread (Made of Stainless steel)
 HK47G1/8U  G 1/8" male thread  OD12*ID7.4*H31  Humidity sensor in metal housing DSC_2053Temperature and humidity sensor shell Duct sensors shell Housing - DSC_3565
HK47MCU  M10*1.0 male thread OD12*ID8.4*H28
HK104MCU  M20*1 .0 male thread  OD22.2*ID14.8*H44
HK88MCU M20*1 .0 male thread OD22*ID17.6*H54
 HK98G3/8U  G 3/8" male thread  OD20*ID15.6*H63
 HK35G3/4U  G 3/4" male thread  OD28.6*ID22.6*H40
HK45MEU  M4*1.5 male thread  OD17*ID10*H69
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