Humidity transmitter probe solution

Temperature and humidity IOT Solutions

Temperature and humidity internet - cloud monitoring system

Environmental Humi-Temp monitor system

Warehouse Humi-Temp monitor system

Cold Chain Logistics Humi-Temp monitor system

Medical Humi-Temp monitor system

Agriculture Greenhouse Humi-Temp monitor system

Stockbreeding Humi-Temp monitor system

Humidity Temp Instruments·Accessories Series

Instruments·Accessories Series


Handheld Humi logger & meter

Temperature and humidity dew point dry and wet bulb measurement record transmitter (calibrator)

RS485 All-in-one temperature and humidity transmitter

All-in-one temperature and humidity transmitter

Temperature and humidity controller

Intelligent digital temperature and humidity controller is mainly used for electric power equipment (such as outdoor terminal boxes, instrument boxes, etc.) and other occasions that require automatic moisture removal,, dew condensation prevention and temperature control.

Dew point transmitter

The HENGKO® Dew Point Transmitter is designed for air conditioning and other indoor environmental monitoring applications that require accurate and stable dew point measurements.

Multi-output temperature and humidity transmitter

Temperature and humidity dew point dry and wet bulb measurement record transmitter (calibrator)

Handheld soil temperature and humidity probe

HENGKO® handheld soil temperature and humidity probes are designed for moisture measurement in harsh field environments.

Temperature and humidity transmitter

Designed for industrial applications/building automation

Multiple mounting options and flexible output signals

USB Humi-temp Data logger

Measure and transmit data: Measure parameters of temperature and humidity, ensure data integrity, store 16000/32000 records, optional built-in/external probe, easy to operate.

Temperature and humidity sensor probe

HENGKO offers a wide range of optional probes for use in different applications. The interchangeable probes help to easily disassemble or reassemble at any time.

"Using our professional product knowledge and performance design to choose the right solution for you to meet the demanding measurement needs of industrial processes and environmental control"



HENGKO® provides temperature and humidity IoT solutions to assist our customers to be able to find answers, remove doubts and make more informed decisions. Our products and services provide our customers with the means to influence and better understand their environment.

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