Oxygen Stone Sintered Stainless Steel Aerator Diffuser Bubble Stone to Use in Shrimp Larval Rearing Tanks

Keep ponds oxygen-rich for healthy fish

Without oxygen life on earth in its present form would not be possible. This also applies to life in water and thus to your pond. Pond water is provided with oxygen through a certain number of sources. In a sequence of importance they include:

  • Through the water surface by diffusion. Especially water which is moved by wind and rain absorbs much oxygen from the atmosphere.
  • By growing underwater plants. Especially so-called oxygen-producing plants (waterweed, hornwort, and pond weed) can produce huge amounts of oxygen under favorable circumstances.
  • By any algae present.

Colder water can contain more oxygen than warmer water. In general, upper water layers contain more oxygen than deeper water layers. Normally speaking no problem will occur with a view to the provision of oxygen during the growing season.


Two Major Benefits of Running aeration:

  • Reduces muck (decomposed plants, dead fish, fish waste) in your pond.  Muck uses oxygen, so leaving the air pump running keeps the water column moving and allows aerobic bacteria to thrive, and reduces the muck–improving water quality and dissolved oxygen levels, year-round.
  • If you have noticed a sulfur smell or methane smell from your pond, this odor is due to decaying matter caused by the lack of water movement (which leads to low dissolved oxygen)。
  • Provides proper oxygen levels for plants and fish.  Moving water increases dissolved oxygen and reduces breeding grounds for mosquitoes.



Adding oxygen

Oxygen problems manifest themselves, especially in fish. They will be staying in the upper part of the water, gasping for breath and their movements are slow. Lack of oxygen in the lower layers of water can manifest itself by the fact that a little layer of oil will appear on the water's surface, caused by withered micro-organisms. The solution for oxygen problems is always the installation of a strong air pump, which will duly set the lower water layers in motion.


So in a nursery pond, oxygen is an essential presence. Algae grow on oxygen, and small fish need both oxygen and food -- algae.

Our oxygen system consists of a pump and an oxygen stone, which creates as many uniforms, fine, oxygen-rich bubbles as possible. To meet all aspects of your oxygen needs.

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