Hengko Alkaline Hydrogen Water Machine Health and safety mineral-rich alkaline water (independent research and development)

Hydrogenated water is essentially water with an extra hydrogen atom, this hydrogen atom does not bond to the water, and is present as a free ion. Hydrogen enriched water has been studied for decades, and in Japan has been hot for many years. 

Choosing the best hydrogen water machine is based on budget rather than performance since all the machines perform a very basic job. They catalyze the water to ingest it with more hydrogen ions. So, if you are looking for an exclusive experience, you will go for the more expensive model.But, if you want a daily maintenance routine model you go for the most basic models. Lastly, if you are a sport and nutrition enthusiast you buy a middle-range model that provides faster action for larger amounts of water. It is a good appliance to have both on the road and in the kitchen, next to your trusty blender.


Hydrogen water generator benefits

The main benefit is that you can have weak or strong hydrogen water at home, whenever you want. You can also take it with you wherever you go (car, office, gym, trip, etc.). Many hydrogen makers also produce alkaline and acidic water.


Does hydrogen water really work?

Though various claims about hydrogen water benefits are not scientifically backed, it’s still considered to be the healthiest choice to keep your body hydrated. Hydrogen water has no contraindications or side effects. By the amount of consumption, the water enriched with hydrogen is harmless; that is, it can be used in unlimited quantities.


Is hydrogen water good for kidneys?

If we are talking about rats’ kidneys, then yes. One scientific study has shown that hydrogen water reduces kidney damage. Literally, H2-rich water “has the potential to ameliorate ischemia-induced cardio-renal injury in CKD model rats.” However, the experiment was not investigated in humans.


Hengko has developed a hydrogen generator which is different from that on the market. It is made up of hydrogen rich machine and hydrogen dissolving rod independently developed by Hengko. The material chosen by Hengko is the 316L material with food grade safety certification. The original intention of the design is to be able to produce more safe hydrogen-rich water to the greatest extent at the same time, but also to avoid metal ions that may be produced in the process of hydrogen production, through the hydrogen dissolving rod can make the pure water hydrogen dissolving effect is good, hydrogen dissolving time is longer, more conducive to the extension of the service life of hydrogen rich machine. At the same time this design can be applied to a wide range of premises.

The above evaluation is extracted from the evaluation of hydrogen water, for reference only!!!





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