HENGKO micron small bubble air sparger oxygenation carbanation stone used in acrylic water bubble wall

Product Describe HENGKO air sparger bubble stone is stainless steel 316/316L, food grade, with a beautiful appearance, suitable for hotels, fine dining and other demanding environments. This striking modern water feature acrylic frame will look great in any modern setting. Bubbles lit by LED lights continuously rise from the base of the feature up through the water contained in the acrylic walls creating a mesmerising effect that illuminates the dark.The colour of the bubbles is transparent and can be changed by your equipment. These Bubble Walls can also be used to provide privacy by creating partitions. It's often include adding running water in the home or office as a method of creating a beneficial flow of energy and creativity. The sound of running water is also believed to ease stress and promote a serene atmosphere  

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